“Looking for a V-neck T-shirt and some denims to go with it!”

See It In Action


E-commerce players across the world are famous for giving out discounts to consumers. Since price differentiation has been the strongest differentiator in helping customer base shift from offline to online, it is imperative to understand that these discounts can be extended to customers at the expense of the investment war chests only for so long. Beyond that point, it will be hard for online players to retain consumers with a minimum one day delivery lag and with very limited personalization in the experience. This outlines the problem, the biggest of players are facing, making it even more difficult for the small time players to withstand competition.

If we were to objectively look at it, what differentiates the online and offline experience, it is the personal touch and hospitality that the representative at the store, extends on behalf of the brand to its prospects.

What if this entire experience of warmth and hospitality were to be extended to the online audience as well using a chat?

The next thing that pops up is, if the user is interacting with a chat, how much can be done in a chat?

Product Discovery

The user, instead of interacting with a non-interactive multi-panel interface, can directly ask the chatbot for a product of his desire. He can ask for a particular feature of the product and compare various products on the basis features that are to his liking.

Customer Support

From the point of booking till the point of delivery, the user has a lot to ask; including status of delivery, mode of payments, request a custom date, enquire delivery time and various other FAQs. All first level customer support queries can be handled by the bot and for complicated queries, the problem can be noted and a ticket can be generated.

User Account

The user can add personal info, update addresses, view purchase history, add cards and even track order and refund status.


The user can purchase a product of his choice by adding it to the cart and making the payment via the chat itself.



Take your customers on a hassle-free engaging shopping journey. Product Discovery Engage with users and create product awareness among audience across channels. Appointments Discover doctors, select and book. Customer Support Automate your Support for quicker solution. User Account Add, edit and update your personal account via chat. Purchase Provide your customer an unforgettable purchase journey.