“Yes Dr. Pranav is available for a 3 PM appointment”
Chatbots that help in setting appointments!

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In a hospital, there are a lot of things for which the patient and his relatives have to interact with the different departments of the hospital, making the entire process, all the more painful. There are payments, paper work, appointments, a set of instructions by the doctor that need to be remembered and then there are these small questions that the patients or their relatives would have to ask from some or the other hospital staff. The problem here is the absence of a single point of contact where all queries can be resolved. This makes the entire phenomenon troublesome for the patient and his relatives. It also induces the requirement of manpower in multiple departments impacting the bottom line.

The idea is to provide a single point contact to the patient and his relatives to get all their queries resolved and for the hospital to focus on their major tasks and not lose focus on non-primary activities.

What can chatbots do for hospitals/health apps?


A user can fix up an appointment, with a doctor of his choice, at a particular center of the hospital, by asking for the schedule and availability of the doctor.

Promotion and Tips

Whenever the hospital is conducting any health check-up camp, the patients can be notified with a chat. The users can also be given health tips via a chat.

Account Management

A user can update details in his account like medical history, address etc. The bot will give the user a complete access to his medical history via a chat.


All first level customer service queries can be cleared in the chat itself and for further queries a ticket can be raised or a call back can be requested.



Chat to be healthy Appointments Discover doctors, select and book. Promotions and tips Information from the hospital can be broadcasted now by chat. Account Management View and update medical history in one place. FAQs All first level patient support queries can now be answered through chat.