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Major logistic firms across the world have been facing a few common problems since a long long time. They are; non-user friendly interfaces and hence unhappy user experiences. This typically increases the need of having physical offices, thereby increasing office overheads, office establishment costs and other maintenance charges involved with the same.

This scenario can be completely turned around using a chatbot. The procedure can be minimalized as the user would be required to take a picture of the item that is to be delivered along with the pick-up address and delivery address. The logistics firm would reply back with the time required to deliver the consignment as well the amount required for the same. This typically solves multiple problems for the logistics firm. The procedure goes on to reduce the requirement of multiple physical offices across a city and replaces that with the need of just one consignment yard.

The next key question is, what all can a chatbot offer?

Book a delivery

The chatbot would allow booking of a delivery by just uploading a picture of the consignment. Upon uploading the bot would automatically ask for the dimensions of the consignment, the pick-up and delivery address. Upon receiving all of the details, it would propose a time for pick up and the amount required for the delivery. The payment can also be made via the chat interface itself or a cash on pick-up option can be exercised.


The customer can enquire for the status of the consignment and track the item. The chat would also create delivery alerts and delay alerts if any. The bot can also resolve any other FAQs that the user may have and raise a ticket for complicated queries.


The brand can initiate a dialogue with the consumer enquiring about the quality of service. This would help the brand in calculating CES and CSAT scores.



Tracking your packages now easier. Book a Delivery Book courier deliveries from your devices. FAQs An interactive way for QnA sessions. Feedback Capture feedback via chat.