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About us

Why Us?

An Intelligent platform + 13 years of experience in enterprise level communication.

About Surbo

With over 4 billion users spending most of their time online over messaging apps, chat has become the interface of which consumer has gotten used to. Rightly so, as it enables quicker exchange of information and makes conversation smooth and personalized.

In line with this shift, SURBO- a chatbot platform develops and enables chatbots to execute user intents across industries and trigger actions successfully whilst delivering a seamless user experience.

About ValueFirst

Founded in 2003, ValueFirst is a B2B company connecting enterprises to consumers, enabling intelligent conversations across channels through various communication platforms.

We empower 4 Billion interactions per month and offer the following:

» Communication platform as a service: Cloud based platform/APIs for SMS, Voice, Email and Authentication.
» Cross channel communication platform: Marketing automation platform integrating channels of SMS, Email, Voice and Social media
   for better communication workflows.
» AI driven conversation platform: Build, host and manage intelligent Natural Language Processing enabled Bots.