How chatbots can help in automotive industry automation?

February 11, 2018

In this era of conversational commerce, Chatbots combined with OTT applications are turning out to be a unified solution for all of the business communication processes. From assisting travelers to becoming customer representatives, they are finding a use case in all major customer-facing activities in a business.

The automobile industry is also one area where they can provide personalized assistance to customers while economizing the processes for the car dealers and automakers. Let’s take car dealership for instance. The most important use case for Car Dealers is to stay engaged with their customers throughout the year in order to fulfill their demands.

There are a number of ways in which a chatbot can help a Car Dealer or Automobile reseller. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. On-site 24*7 messenger
A chatbot can offer instant, real-time conversations 7 days a week, 365-days per year, right from the automotive dealer’s website. During office hours, customers can interact with the representatives besides receiving support from chatbots. During odd hours when the dealership is not operations, customers can interact with the chatbot to receive any assistance they require.

2. Lead Generation
A chatbot can help convert the customer’s public Facebook profile, into a source of useful data for instant lead generation. A chatbot deployed on FB messenger can instantly identify the customer through their profile and accordingly serve relevant information. Furthermore, A chatbot can turn an

3. Staff Text Alerts
A chatbot can also alert staff members once a customer fills out a form, leaves a message, schedules an appointment or wishes to speak to a representative. These alerts pass on the message instantly, without requiring for the customer to wait.

4. Test Drives
Instead of staff members having to do the mundane task of capturing information of customers wanting a test drive, a chatbot can handle that job and keep uploading the information to the database. All test drive appointments can be easily scheduled without any human assistance required.

5. Service Requests
Automobile dealers receive service requests on a regular basis. Using a chatbot they can automate this process and save the time for their employees. A chatbot will interact with the customer, capture their information and set up a service request appointment for them. The staff members can then view the appointments made and plan accordingly.

Click here for a car service chatbot demo.

6. Voice support
Some of the chatbot platforms today come with built-in voice support. This will enable the customers to talk to the chatbot instead of typing their messages and make the experience all the more human.

7. Internal support
There is a ton of information that the employees working within the dealership need to look on a regular basis. This could be related to inventory, customers, automobile parts etc. A chatbot can become the one point source of information for all such queries and help employees get quick access to relevant information.

There is tremendous potential in the way chatbots can help automobile players especially dealers save money, improve their customer engagement and completely transform the way their organization works. As we move forward, we will see chatbots being adopted more widely by the automobile community and become a commonplace.

Author: Satyam Kapoor

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