New Year Resolution:Bot-ify your business!

September 26, 2017

What are bots?

Bots are aliens that are going to take over your business!
The above sentence may reflect the sentiments of the Steven spielberg’s ‘War Of The Worlds’, but stay with me, it will all make some very positive sense.

Bots or more popularly known as ‘chat-bots’ are basically a piece of software. This software automates a conversation.


You heard it right, it can talk to a person in a very human manner. Top it all, it can do so through an interface that majority of the human beings on the planet are aware of. It talks via a chatting interface!
That’s cool isn’t it!?

Now, it won’t exactly take over your business, it will help you automate a large portion of your business that requires human interaction.


Imagine you have a business where you have to speak with anywhere between 2 to 200,000 people at a time. These people can be your consumers, your vendor etc. The bot will interact with them via a chat interface and reduce the human effort at your end!

Imagine resolving queries of a 100 consumers in a second with 1/10 th the labor you may normally require to do such a task. Reduces your headache doesn’t it?

Chatbots can help you automate a huge part of your business i.e. online sales, customer service, HR etc. This will allow you to focus on the things that matter, your goals and milestones and that too with much less manpower!
Why bots?

Surprising as it may sound, but, over the past few years chat interfaces have seen more engagement when compared to the most engaging products in the market: “Social networks”. The indicators are dying to indicate, that conversations are platforms begging to be leveraged, because that is where your consumers are. All consumers love to converse and if you can go ahead and sell or service or retain customers by having conversations, you have pretty much hit the bull’s eye.

But conversations like these with consumers, would require some sort of an artificial intelligence.Sounds like another Steven Spielberg’s flick script.

Let me explain!
How do bots work?

Broadly there are 2 type of bots
-Rule based
-Artificial intelligence based

The rule based bots are very limited in their operation and are designed for very specific purpose. They are as smart as they are programmed to be and if you ask for something they are not meant for, they wouldn’t know jack about it.

The artificial intelligence based bots however are smart. They have a brain with the help of which they can understand language and not just instructions. Top it all, they learn from their interactions. Pretty much like humans do, only at a faster rate!!
What to do with Bots?

Bots are primarily mean to solve problems where there is a requirement of huge man power.

Consider the teller at the bank!

What if you could just talk to your teller without going to a bank?

A majority of the teller’s work can be done via a chat interface. This would save huge amount of human and monetary resources.

Now consider feedback!!

Consumers want to share their opinions with brands but are often turned down by the conventionally boring forms or by the below luke-warm response they get. What if feedback was collected by a chat interface?

Consumers would feel inclined to share their opinion and the response of the BOT will make them feel that the brand actually cares!

Bot’s are the next big thing. It’s time we shut up and gave them our money!

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