5 wacky things you can do with a chatbot!

September 27, 2017

The world of Bots is expanding every second. It’s like part of Iron Man’s ‘Jarvis’ keeps coming alive somewhere across the internet!!

Lets take a look at the wackiest things you could do with bots:

1) Order Beer!
Yep, you read it right!

Stay in the bed or keep coding, or just keep at, whatever it is you are doing, message the Brewbot on messenger and it will get you the brew of your choice. Dream come true for beer lovers, isn’t it?

Bot link :

2) Track the price of your favorite item on Amazon
So you have been thinking of buying this phone or a watch that you really like but the price seems a bit over your budget. It even went on discount for a short while but sadly you found out too late!

Now with the Sentinel bot on duty for you, don’t worry about tracking prices. It immediately tells you on messenger when the price of the item you have set it to follow, goes down!

Bot Link :

3) Find a job
Please meet Jobo.

This one has got to be the pick of the lot. A bot that helps you find a job. Just chat with him on messenger or telegram and tell him your criterions for the job.

It keeps updating you of job openings from across the web every hour/every day/every week or whatever frequency you set it for.
Who said you can’t find a job sitting at home?

Bot Link:

4) Search the song whose lyrics are in your head
Went to a party some time back?

Heard a song that was awesome and the lyrics are just stuck in your head but you can’t seem to find the name?

Worry no more!

Meet Mandate, he can tell you the name of the song just by reading the lyrics. Is that the coolest most useful bot or what?

Bot Link:

5) Give feedback!
Check out SurBo.

This is unique rule based chatbot that is destroying the concept of forms being used for data collection and feedback by conversationalization of the entire experience.

It automates the conversation around feedback on behalf of the brands and collects data points from consumers!

Bot Link:

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