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September 27, 2017

So now that you have made that the most kick-ass Bot in tinsel town (read internet), you want to put it in-front of the audience it deserves and the audience it has been created for.

A Bot needs as much a go-to market effort as your new Sass product does.

Let us take up a hypothetical case study of hypothetical Bot. Consider a finance news Bot ‘Fi-news’

Using common sense you are now looking for:

  • People interested in financial news
  • People who would want to learn how to use a Botor already use a Bot
  • A platform to showcase your Bot

Since common sense is not so common, the first one is most commonly neglected. It does not matter how big a home run you score if you are playing golf.

Rather than doing mass messaging and pushing your Bots in people’s faces, try to create mass hysteria to pull people towards your Bot.

By the time the Facebooks and the Amazon’s of the IT world start using your Bot and discovery does not remain an issue, you need to make your Bot look like a class apart.

Ideas to help your Bot be a class apart

  • Design a marketing strategy for the persona that you think you have given/can give to your Bot. In this
  • case it can be that of Leo’s character from the Wolf of Wall Street.
    Do a product hunt lunch
  • Ensure the idea/strategy for marketing is sustainable of mass hysteria.
  • Take the street marketers approach and highlight the people approaching you Bot.
  • Incentivize your users to share the Bot.
  • Bots will search in the future by the functions they perform more than their name so SEO your landing
    page/website as per use case keywords.
  • Have an Instagram and/or Snapchat account for your Bot and post videos demonstrating it in action, audience
    reactions and testimonials.
  • Tweet interesting conversations with your BOT.
  • Give its Facebook page the deserved jazz.
  • Invest a little bit in inorganic growth once you have characterized your target audience completely.
  • Check your logs and train your BOT for the points that you think your Bot is not being able to hold up.

Remember, you might have built the best product or the most futuristic thing there is but if not positioned properly across all marketing platforms, scaling it up will be troublesome and time taking!

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