OTP Validation

September 28, 2017

Companies today are under severe threat from cyber criminals. Every other week we see one or more data breach taking place, affecting companies as big as Sony, Deloitte & others. These attacks set them back by millions of dollars (in some cases billions) and also destroy the trust customers place in their brand. One effective way of decreasing the potential for compromised security is to always use OTP validation at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This should include transaction authentication, account creation and other ongoing customer engagement activities. Each mobile number is linked to a certain individual and is perhaps the most effective way to verify user identity.

OTP validation plays a crucial role in interaction of users with chatbots also. Every time you are booking a movie ticket or making a bank transaction using a chatbot, the chatbot can send you a user code on your registered mobile which it would then prompt you to enter in the chat to verify your identity. This prevents others from making transactions or other similar activities without your knowledge.

OTP validation or phone number verification is difficult to implement owing to advanced protocols & complexities of the telco infrastructure. Surbo, is one of the few chatbot generator platforms that offers this service. Surbo has built in capabilities of OTP validation and all chatbots deployed using Surbo can make use of it. We ensure that all your communications with customers, powered through our chatbots are reliable & secure.

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