Does your business need a chatbot?

September 29, 2017

In today’s day and age, consumers are quite tech savvy and want quick answers to their questions. No one has the patience to call up, hold on the line and then get a reply to their query. If the answer can be found online, they will go ahead, search for it and resolve their issue. As a result you see businesses putting out all kinds of information related to them on the internet to keep the customers informed. Every business is expected to maintain a decent web-site where people can come and find relevant answers to their questions or avail other services from them. A certain level of social media presence is also required to build rapport with the customer.

Now imagine if instead of looking for answers, users get an option to just interact with a chatbot and get a reply to their query straight away. This is much easier and quicker than the former approach. There is a use case not just for answering queries alone. Infact, chatbots can automate many processes of a business and take customer support & customer engagement to another level. There are already plenty of examples out there that showcase the potential of chatbots. A small search on the web can help you find hundreds of chatbots deployed on several platforms across the web. Every organization serious about its marketing strategy is looking into chatbots as an effective way to improve customer engagement. So the question whether your business needs a chatbot or not is redundant?

If you have budget to deploy, do so without giving it a second thought. If you don’t have the budget, understand that one customer support chatbot alone can help you do away with dozens of customer support staff members by taking up their work. Of course, you would still need some representatives to handle complex queries but most of the job will be taken care of by the bot on its own. There are dozens of other benefits of using chatbots and as they are becoming more sophisticated, the list is growing.

Conversational UI is the new way of interaction & chatbots are here to stay. Business leaders should now grab the opportunity, analyze their business & see what processes they can automate with chatbots.

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