Artificial Intelligence at GITEX 2017

AI grabbed the spotlight at recently concluded GITEX Technology Week 2017 in Dubai

October 16, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of the moment & is set to be the technology that will pave the way for the fourth industrial revolution. At GITEX 2017, there were a number of companies that showcased new products which use cutting edge AI to deliver powerful solutions. Here is a look at some of them that stood out:

The Seattle based tech giant Microsoft came forward and shared a number of its new initiative with the world at GTIEX 2017. They showcased a workplace safety solution that brings together the digital & the physical world to ensure safety, security & productivity at workplace. They set up an environment that resembled a construction site & then showed how their solution would help ensure security of the workers.

A live AI-powered Chatbot acted as a security & safety officer and identified any unauthorized personnel, objects or safety threats. The chatbot also provided real time alerts to people needed to take necessary actions. Also part of this demo was a segment of safety-monitoring which showcased how one can automatically detect multiple threats like fires, workers lacking appropriate protective gear etc. using their AI solution. UAE, which has a strong tradition of heavy industries like steel, chemicals, ship-building etc. can greatly benefit from this AI powered workplace safety solution.

A LA-based robotics startup, Shadecraft showcased its product “Sunflower” which it says is the world’s first autonomous robotic and solar powered shading system. Sunflower is robotic patio share which is controlled through artificial intelligence, powered by solar energy and uses AI & IoT to provide autonomous, optimal shade & energy collection. Shading systems are in great demand in Sunny regions of the world. They can greatly improve the human life outdoors & Middle East Asia is one area where they can play a great role in improving the quality of life.

Built & developed by Avaya in collaboration with Avanza, the “Happiness Index on Blockchain” was one product that caught everyone’s attention. This index can enable organizations to dynamically manage a customer’s journey. Using this index companies & government organizations can securely collect & integrate date from multiple sources like emails, contact centers, web platforms, social media etc. Block chain technology is set to disrupt the financial industry & forms the backbone of cryptocurrency. Avaya with its new initiative is going to make Block Chain much more effective and efficient.

We at ValueFirst – a Gurgaon based digital communications service provider showcased our chatbot generator platform Surbo which, recently won the CMO’s Choice Award for Emerging Partner at the 6th edition of DMAasia 2017. We provide businesses AI based chatbot solutions & has application in a wide range of industries like Hospitality, Banking, Insurance, Travel, E-commerce etc. Surbo uses state of the art artificial intelligence techniques, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing to analyze & respond to human queries. It comes with built in multilingual support, real-time analytics capabilities, Keyword extraction, smart API integration & much more. Chatbots built using our platform are being used by some of the top businesses in India & with our visit to GITEX 2017, we look forward to making an impact in the MEA market.

AI will continue to play the role of a disruptive force in the coming years & will change the way business is conducted across the globe. With further advances, we will see even more powerful solutions coming out that will completely transform our lives.

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