eKYC through chatbots, A digital India initiative.

December 14, 2017

A webinar was conducted on 4th Jan 2018 where our guest speaker Gaurav Sarien answered some important questions related to eKYC and Chatbots.

Webinar Recording

Since the introduction of Digital India Program, India has seen many new initiatives taken by the government to improve the state of affairs in the country.  Aadhar card is fast becoming the primary document of identification & verification in the nation. As a result, there are many services that require Aadhar card to be linked in order to avail them. In a scenario like this, where service providers will have to deal with millions of people on a monthly basis, chatbots can help automate this process and save on both cost and human effort.

What is e-KYC?

eKYC is a service that allows an Aadhar holder or citizen to share his/her personal information & photograph in a secure and auditable manner online with a UIDAI partner organization. Banks, telecom service providers, airports and many more such organizations are presently in need of e-KYC services.

How can chatbots help?

Chatbots can help automate the eKYC process and be of use to organizations, businesses & other service providers. A chatbot can initiate the conversation with a customer, interact with him/her and ask them to upload the relevant documents as well as enter other details. Once this is done, the bot can upload the details on to the database and link the data to the relevant profile. All this can happen seamlessly without the need for any human assistance. Although the process is very straightforward, there may arise some issues which can always be escalated to relevant human representatives by the bot.

Watch how to check the validity of any Aadhar number

Here are the revised Aadhaar linking deadlines that you shouldn’t miss

1. Deadline for linking Aadhar card with PAN for tax returns – March 31, 2018
2. Deadline for linking Aadhar with mobile number (SIM) – March 6, 2018
3. Deadline for submitting Aadhar details to banks/financial institutions – March 31, 2018
4. Last date to give Aadhar details to avail social security schemes – March 31, 2017
5. Deadline to link mutual fund investments to Aadhaar – March 31, 2017

Author: Satyam Kapoor

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