Surbo introduces live chat integration for customer support

December 21, 2017

The widespread adoption of chatbots across industries around the globe has set the stage for developers to showcase their expertise and introduce new technologies into chatbot arena.

Surbo, One of India’s leading enterprise chatbot platform has recently added live chat integration to their features list.

What is live chat integration?
Live chat integration is a hybrid conversational mechanism where a Chabot can reach out to a human agent during a conversation for one of a kind situation that the bot can’t handle.

Why is it necessary?
Businesses demand quick response time and early resolution of customer issues. A study from kayako suggests that 84% of the businesses want to provide a unique and memorable customer experience. However, 83% of their consumers showed displeasure with their live chat support due to slow responses and poor replies. According to a report by Zendesk, Consumers find more satisfaction in a back-and-forth style of conversation.

Satisfaction By Channels:

Channel Satisfaction
Live Chat 92%
Voice 88%
Web Form 85%
Email 85%
Facebook 84%
Twitter 77%

While chatbots are capable of handling troubleshooting through FAQs, Live chat agents can come into action to answer more complex and unique customer queries.

How does it work?
Surbo chatbot platform has inbuilt Bot Analytics which allows real-time tracking of the conversations. A system generated chat transcript can be sent to a human agent if bot fails to perceive the user intent more than once during a session. The human agent then can look into the issue and provide personalized assistant to the customer.

Where can it be deployed?
Be it SMS, Email, Messanger, Skype, Live chat widget on web or Apps, Chatbots can be deployed on all available channels for communication.

At a European telco, A chatbot was deployed in a pilot program on a set of common consumer queries. As it turned out, it was able to resolve 82% of the interactions by itself. For the next five weeks, the chatbot was trained to delegate with a live chat agent to answer complex customer queries.

Combined with the live chat integration, the chatbot was now able to resolve 88% of the interactions.

What to expect in 2018?
Riding on the wave of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Surbo is going to infuse some more advanced features into chatbot platform such as semantic and sentiment analysis and bot to bot communication. The intent is to make the chatbot capable of handling complex customer queries and also adding more joy to the conversation.

Author: Udit Kumar

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