Whatsapp Chatbot for Healthcare

Case Study - Hospital Appointment on WhatsApp

The client is a super specialty hospital situated in central Gurgaon and is one of the biggest private hospitals in India. The client is home to some of the most eminent doctors in the world, most of who are not only highly decorated but also pioneers in their respective arenas.

The Challenges

1. With such huge everyday traffic & the rising threat of COVID-19, the management of everyday visitors needs to be managed.
2. Managing hospital resources optimally & ensure their safety
3. Scaling up operations without adding costs.
4. Secure digital infrastructure

The client integrated WhatsApp based Virtual assistant in order to communicate with patients & automate multiple processes. The objective of the project is to digitize the appointment booking process & reduce unnecessary human visits to the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic & even after that.

Surbo Virtual assistant creates a following value proposition:

1. Appointment booking/rescheduling/cancelling
2. Doctor/medical procedure selection
3. Instant confirmations
4. Reminders & Notifications

1.   Patients can connect with hospital through WhatsApp 24*7.

2.   Surbo has been integrated with the hospital's official WhatsApp account.

3.   Surbo gets integrated with the HIS system & stores conversational data securely.

4.   If patient wants to book an appointment, Surbo asks them to choose doctor & the medical procedure they need and accordingly books the slot within the HIS.

5.   Similarly if patient wants to reschedule or cancel the appointment, Surbo can do that too.

6.   If patients have any non-related query, Surbo can connect them with hospital agents.