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A brand’s warmth largely depends on how a customer/prospect feels in dealing with them! In the automobile industry, organizations consciously hire the most experienced and creative customer experience individuals to ensure that the consumer feels warm enough to associate himself/herself with the brand and the product. This practice has had more than fair returns but then there are only so many points where the representatives of the brand and the customers actually interact. The experience beyond those points is largely left to the non-interactive digital interfaces. Consider lead gen as an activity; most organizations in the sector put a very carefully crafted website on every product launch and that is a very necessary step. What has been critically missing with these websites is someone/something to guide the users to discover the product in a better and at the same time gather data points that the user is willing to share.

Not only at these points but at all points where customers are left alone to discover avenues about the brand and the product by themselves, are points where a digital brand assistant can extend the warmth and hospitality of the brand, which is otherwise visible in the efforts taken by their executives at dealer stores.


So, what all can chatbots be used for in the automobile sector?"

Product Discovery

The user will be greeted by the chat assistant upon landing on the product page/brand website. Alternatively the user can talk to the brand assistant on a social channel. The idea is to search for a particular model, compare models of choice, know features and even book a test drive.

Service Appointments

Once the user has bought the vehicle, the chat assistant can help in making service appointments, answering FAQs about the car and even cross verifying the amount charged by the service provider, by uploading the bills.

Delivering Alerts

Once the user has interacted with the brand assistant for a particular car/model, he/she will be pushed important information like offers and discounts that could help make the purchase decision.


Once the user has interacted with the brand, the brand can initiate a feedback chat that would allow them to calculate the CSAT and CES scores. Since feedbacks are more interactive when done via chats, this would ensure a higher response rate.



Automating the customer support for automobile industry Product discovery Aid product discovery by a bot and collect leads. Service Appointments Follow up and get after sales service bookings. Delivering Alerts Prompt the car owner for servicing, check up and insurance renewals. Feedback Collect feedback like never before