“Yes, I did get my food in 30 minutes but it had too much salt in it!”

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Food Tech

The idea of combining technology with food is a blissful one for food lovers all around. However, the user experience this industry has to offer is limited as a major part of the population even today, especially the middle-aged segment, is clueless about technology. One of the prime challenges this sector faces is that a large part of the population despite having smartphones with fast broadband connections fails to adapt to the food tech ordering process on sites and apps, meaning some of the target audience don’t know how to use the site or app to order food! As a result that TG sticks to traditional methods of ordering food or depend on other family members to help them around. A chatbot could play a crucial role here and allow customers to engage with restaurants and other food outlets using a simple chat window. It is much easier to interact with a bot in a conversational manner and order food than it is to use an app for the same purpose. Therefore, a chatbot being a piece of software that performs automated chat conversations becomes the need of the hour!

Foodtech Chatbot

So how exactly can chatbots make a difference in this space?

Discover and Order

Once a user starts his conversation on the chatbot, the bot will ask users a set of questions to help them in the purchasing journey. The user can discover restaurants around him on the basis of the food, rating, price and review. The bot after asking for the consumer’s details such as delivery address, name, time of delivery etc. will take him to the payment gateway to complete the order.


After the delivery has been made, the user will be asked for his feedback on the food, taste, quality service and etc. of his experience via chat.


Users will receive notifications on ongoing offers and discounts in the chat through the bot.


The user further can put forward his questions with the bot. The bot will search the database to find a suitable answer and reply to the user.


Food tech

If you chat, the food will come to you! Discover and order Order the tastiest delicacies in town. Feedback Collect feedback from an interactive interface Notifications Don’t just notify, invoke a call to action FAQs All first level customer support queries can now be answered through chat.