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Human Resource

Human Resource is perhaps one of the key pillars of any organization. After all, its employees those make a company. The HR management is always burdened with the tasks of engaging with the employees, redressing their grievances, conducting surveys, taking feedback and much more. There is great need of automation and ease of use in this entire process. A chatbot can play a crucial role here in this regard and help the HR team in engaging with the employees.

By using chatbots, companies can ensure fewer overheads for Managers and HR, improved productivity for the organization, and better engagement for the employees. Companies like Bank Bazaar, InMobi and Yes Bank have already integrated Chatbots into their HR processes.

HR Chatbot

So what all can chatbots do in the HR space:

Salary/Tax Information

On beginning the chat, the user will first be greeted by the bot and will then be asked how the bot may assist the user. The user then has the option to choose from a list of tasks that can be performed such as request his pay-slips/ tax slips by inserting the employee ID and the months for which he requires it. The bot accordingly will mail the same to the user. Similarly, the user can also file his investment declaration.


The user can further choose to file a reimbursement from the chat itself. Seniors/Managers could instruct the bot to approve/disapprove such reimbursements submitted to them.

My Account

Employees can easily update their account by adding/uploading the required documents such as PAN details, add/ update salary account, contact details etc.


Employees may simply ask the bot to apply, revoke, check leaves without having to visit the Human Resource department for such tasks. Seniors/Mangers also have the option to approve the leaves submitted by junior employees to them.

Travel Desk

A user can also request the travel desk to make travel arrangements for him through the chat. All the user has to do is provide his requirements and available dates. The desk will search across the internet to find the best possible option for the user. The organisation can put a cap on the travel allowance basis the designation.


Using this platform, the HR team can create a chat based survey to take feedback from the employees on training and other activities conducted by the firm. Anonymity of the user’s identity can be maintained as per the choice of the HR.


Users with HR permit will be given access to add resumes to the database that will give them the privilege of filtering resumes as per defined parameters for future reference and organisational needs. Users with the mentioned access will be able to shoot mailers to candidates and download resumes. Also as soon as any employee submits a resignation letter, a pre-defined basic set of questions will be asked to the resign in the format of chat as part of the exit interview process. Basis the reply to these questions, the HR can decide the need of an actual physical interview.


Human Resource

Adding the human touch to HR Salary/Tax information Reduce paper from the paper work Reimbursements Apply for reimbursements without any fuss. My Account View and update key info related to employee. Travel Desk Request for travel arrangements now through chat. Support HR feedback and employee engagement via an interactive interface. Recruitment/Exit Department can chat through 1000s of candidatures to invoke filters!