Valuing customer's opinion
helps in customer retention

Feedback Bot

Feedback is one of the strongest management tools to help you understand how your customers perceive your business, product or services. With Surbo, you can get deeper insights from your customers.

Be it Reviews, Ratings or a questionnaire, Surbo has the ability to incorporate everything inside one chat interface.

Feedback collection has been an important process for most businesses. Whether you are a B2B business or a B2C, there is always this requirement of getting the views and opinions of your stakeholders from time to time. In the traditional setting, businesses reach out to their customers and ask them to fill a lengthy feedback form or perhaps ask them questions orally. In both scenarios, the customer is put under undue pressure. Filling out a form seems a daunting task to the user and there is always this phenomenon of “survey fatigue”. Thanks to advances in technology, today we have the option of using chatbots to help conduct surveys and take feedback. Here are some points to ponder over.

Logistics Chatbot

Input – Assess – Response

Chatbots make the experience of giving response to a survey extremely pleasant for the customer. Instead of presenting the user with all the questions at once, something which happens in a form based survey, the chatbot prompts the user to answer the questions one at a time. In between, the bot can give valuable suggestions and inputs based on the context of the question answered.

The fusion of Bots and Messaging Apps

Another important factor to keep in mind is the rise of messaging apps. As per research, it has been found that users spend today more time on messaging apps than on social media platforms. Chatbots can make optimum use of the interface of a messaging app, initiate a conversation with a user and take feedback. There are already thousands of chatbots deployed on messaging platforms like FB Messenger, WeChat & others.

Users speak their minds

The bot here functions just as a form, but what changes is the mindset of the customer. The experience now becomes personal, quick & cost effective. Once businesses begin to experiment using chatbots for conducting feedback, they will experience a dramatic shift in the quality of responses received. Customers are much more open to sharing negative feedback while interacting with a bot.

and then there's Surbo

Chatbots built using Surbo use state of the art conversational UI to engage the customer. There is support for all major response type questions and there is also built-in analytics which allows the owner to receive detailed report about the interactions with the bot. Using Surbo, you can deploy your chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack & other major platforms to interact with and engage your customers.


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