Consumer insights with bots

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The fast moving consumer goods industry has always been challenged with one of the 2 things i.e.; either it has to keep coming up with new products or to keep coming up with new ways to market and sell its products. In both the cases, the objective more or less revolves around the concept of increase in revenue and market share. The fact also remains that you cannot remove the consumer out of the FMCG equation. There is a severely constant need to involve the consumer and his opinion. Moreover, there is this entire phenomenon of sampling handled via promoters, which is heavily labor intensive. Then there are feedbacks, other dealer management activities, which tend to shift the focus from the main task.

So what if all these activities could be taken care of with one single interface and exponentially reduce the requirement of manpower and man hours? What if all this could be done via a single chat?

FMCG Chatbot

Sounds convincing, but then what all can chatbots exactly do for the FMCG industry?


Any new promotions/schemes can be discussed with the consumer via a chat.

Research and Feedback

Whenever a new product is launched a chat can be initiated by the brand for taking live sampling feedback. On the other hand user can give a feedback on any of the aspects that he feels like i.e. packaging, quality etc.


Consumers talking about a brand or wanting to talk to the brand can speak the chatbot, which will be representing the brand.

Dealer Management

All the activities under dealer management like, inventory management, sampling feedback etc. can all be managed from the chatbot only.



Keeping consumers engaged to your brand. Notifications Send notification via chat. Research and Feedback Capture useful insights while interacting. Loyalty Present your personality in conversations. Dealer Management Automate important tasks.