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In today’s day and age, customers are looking for new and better ways to interact with their service providers and get quick access to information. Insurance companies typically have to deal with thousands of customers, each having their own queries about policies, terms, conditions etc. A team of sales representatives can only do so much to help out the customers. What is going to differentiate one insurance company from another is the entire experience of dealing with the company and not just the quality of the product alone. Chatbots can make a huge difference in the way people get their insurance done. They have numerous advantages and there are many use cases they can play a role in.

Insurance Chatbot

Some of the grey areas that Surbo can help the Insurance Sector with are mentioned below:

Lead Generation

As soon as a user initiates a chat with the bot, it could ask the user a series of questions to ascertain the user’s intent and help the brand generate a potential lead.


All first level customer support queries that can be answered basis a script can be answered by the bot.

File A Claim

The user can file a claim by chatting with the bot and upload supporting documents in the flow of the chat to process his claim.

Buy and Renew

The bot can prompt the users during an interaction to buy or renew their existing policy. Purchase decision can be made after analyzing which of the option, they find best suitable for their needs. This entire journey can be covered by the bot, where the user only has to be engaged in a chat conversation.

Request Call Back

In case of a complicated query which the bot can’t resolve, the bot will register a call back request and the same will be updated in the backend.



A chatting assistant that takes care of all your Insurance needs. Lead Generation Capture potential customer details and catch up. FAQs Let your encyclopaedia be interactive. File a Claim File claims via chat. Buy and Renew Compare, buy and renew policies. Request Call Back Chat to request a call back.