Seize your prospects
using instant follow ups and reminders

Lead Generation Bot
Lead Generation

Seize your prospects using instant follow ups and reminders leveraging a two way communication mode offered by a smart Chabot to help your customer with product discovery and capture data on the fly.

Primary digital lead generation channels like email, SMS and online ads don’t allow users to interact directly with the service providers. Instead relying on simply broadcasting messages, Let Surbo come into action by triggering live interaction with users and add a personalized touch to your brand’s conversations.

Unlike human representatives, chatbots can interact with millions of customers at the same time and reply meaningfully to each one of them.

Lead Generation

24/7 availability

Once deployed, Chatbots are available round the clock throughout the year to interact with users. This ensures that all possible leads are captured.

Lead Categorization

Chatbots built using Surbo are artificially intelligent. They can automatically categorize the leads that they are generating into different categories. For instance, if your site sells both air-conditioners as well as televisions, leads for air-conditioners and televisions will be documented separately. This makes the life easier for the sales team.

Lead Qualification

Chatbots do their bit of the filtering & ensures that your sales team gets qualified leads. All unqualified leads can be eliminated to save time and energy.


Since Surbo allows chatbots to store information about the user and identify them, they can add a personal touch to the conversation and present relevant information to the user based on the past interactions.

Low cost

Surbo powered chatbots are relatively cheaper to deploy compared to maintaining a large sales team. While they cannot completely replace human representatives, they can still ease their burden greatly and perform certain tasks better than them. If they cannot fulfil a user’s expectations, they can always escalate the matter to a human rep.

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