Consumers of telecom services need to interact with the service provider for various issues like recharge, bill payment, billing related queries, plan change requests etc. For every issue both parties have a lot of grievances that they face. The consumer for instance has to interact with different department/set of individuals for different queries. The service provider on the other hand has to deal with managing such a huge labor force in every department.

These and many more problems can be resolved by using chatbots. A single chat based interface for the consumer from the service provider. Using this chat based interface, the consumer can get all his issues sorted in one place.

Telecom Chatbot

What exactly can the chatbots help the telecom players with?

Customer Support

All 1st level customer support queries can be resolved by the bot. Queries related to billing, discrepancies in plans and payments can be resolved. For all those complicated queries for which a reply cannot be given by the bot data base, a ticket will be raised by the bot under which the query will recorded and problem will be resolved. The user can even enquire about the various billing plans/recharges that suit his consumption pattern. The brand can also push all promotional offers to the consumer.

Account Management

A user can ask for usage of his account consumables like data limit consumed, number of SMSs consumed and number of free minute consumed. All the details of his billing address and all other KYC documents can be uploaded and updated from the chat itself. The user can post a request for change in billing plan as well. The brand can push alerts when certain amount of consumables has been exhausted.


The brand at any point can initiate a feedback chat to understand its NPS, CES and CSAT scores.



Let conversation be free between brand and consumer. Account Management Maintain user records and update them real time. Customer Support Automate queries and give instant solutions. Feedback Turn your feedback forms into an engaging conversation.