Book me a ticket from Delhi to New York for the 19th of this month…
Btw , howz the weather there?

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Travel Bot

From standing in queues to booking ticket from the comfort of your phones, the travel sector has gone through a major upgrade in their digital presence. However, in major cases users may feel a little lost in the digital space especially when it comes to finding a suitable option from millions of offers available. Imagine trying to search for a flight offer, that matches your budget, destination, dates and comfort using a simple chat window.

By using a chatbot, brands can offer users a better experience and assistance that is quite similar to a personalized interaction between a sales representative and a customer.

Travel Chatbot

Companies in the Travel industry can automate a large part of their processes with chat, to be precise:

Search Flight

The user can communicate with the brand through the chatbot on his desired channel that may be website or social media handles. The bot will assist the user in finding a flight as per his date of journey.

Book A Flight

As soon as the user selects a particular flight, the bot will take the user on a purchase journey much like how a sales person does at a showroom. The bot will chat with the customer, collect all the details required to book the selected flight and finally take to a payment gateway to complete the transaction.

Cancel a Ticket

In case the user wishes to cancel his ticket, the bot will do it on behalf of the customer when such a request is made in the course of the chat by the customer.

Refund Status

The user can easily check the refund status by providing his PNR details on the chat. The bot will simply tap into the database and display the status of the refund, and any other related information.

Web Check-In

The user also has an option to perform web check-ins by simply chatting with the bot.

View Itinerary

The user also has the option to store his travel itinerary with the chatbot and view or update the same as and when he/she likes.


Once the user interacts with the chatbot to book tickets, the bot will from thereon start sending important notifications and alerts to the user.

Book a Cab

Once the user has booked his tickets, the bot will prompt the user to book a cab to the airport, from the airport, after landing as an added convenience.

Book A Stay

The user can also book a stay directly via the chat after he has booked his tickets. The user can choose to book the stay after ticket booking or after his arrival at the airport.


The bot will also give the user a list of entertainment options based on the destination city giving the brand the power to upsell their travel offers and packages.

Set Reminders

After all bookings have been made, the user can feed important dates to the bot and ask to set reminders.


The bot can answer all FAQs and raise a ticket in case of a complicated query.



The bot that can take you places! Search Flight Look up flight availability and prices Book a Flight Book tickets, now via chat. Cancel a ticket Cancel tickets by just chatting. Refund Status Track status of refund upon cancelling. Web check in Tell the bot your PNR and the seat you want. View Itinerary Make a “do not forget” list! Notification Send user important information in time. Book a cab Book cabs to and from the airport. Book a stay Book your favorite hotels. Entertainment Browse and book available internet options. Set Reminders Set an alarm to remind you to leave for the flights. FAQs All FAQs will now be answered in chat.