10 Reasons Why Chatbots are the Hottest Sales Generation Tools

Why are chatbots the hot deal that they are?

Ever opened a website with many doubts in mind, to be greeted with a pop-up that’s ready to solve all your doubts and queries? Those little pop-ups are what we call chatbots. This AI based technology is stirring a revolution in the traditional customer service approach. The chatbots ensure an unprecedented customer support that spins round the clock.

It is now proven that these tiny bots have slowly become how water is to a fish. It an effective tool for firms to connect with the customers: It helps in customer engagement and optimizes the operations of customer-care. Most importantly, it helps figure out one’s target audience while providing them the road to the audience.

For a personalised customer experience, chatbots are a go-to for you. These little bots have stirred a revolution in their own way by completely altering the customer experience, catering to their personal habits. The readiness to serve saves the customer the waiting and frustration, giving you more space and leverage.


All this fuss but what is a chatbot?

The chatbot is an artificial intelligence powered software used on websites, messaging applications and telephone. It simulates a conversation with a user regarding their concerns. at the ease of convenience for the customer.


10 reasons why chatbots are so hot with businesses right now

  1. The ease of the 24/7 pilot mode: Imagine the labour time and costs that go into customer-care services. Here comes your hero, bearing a “hello there” for a cape: the chatbot. It does away with inconvenience and wait for the customers.
  2. Great cost cutting measure: Whether you’re running marginally high profits or looking for ways to cut costs down, chatbots are a one-stop solution for you.
  3. Customers engaging, your market thriving: In the customer-centric ecosystem: In this thriving customer-centric ecosystem, being prompt to the customer needs is the make or break. The chatbots literally work at the beck and call of the customers, giving them a more satisfactory overall experience. A satiated customer always comes back for more, with more people.
  4. Unprecedented leads generation: If a user visits a website looking for something in particular or while simply surfing the web, with a better first-hand personalised experience, they may want to come back for more, generating leads for you. This can be done through mobile phone conversations, email correspondence or live-demos.
  5. Scaling up, hassle-free: A chatbot can literally be your go-to option with the rush when the pressure is too much. It can cater to multiple customers seeking answers at the same time, reducing the waiting time for the customers while helping you widen the clientele.
  6. No room for errors: Mishaps are a commonplace thing with human beings. Misplaced texting, typos and grammatical errors are just the tip of the iceberg. Chatbots avoid all such mistakes, providing a seamless experience.
  7. Unprecedented customer experience: With no waiting time and the facility of customizable mode of interaction to their personal ease, customers feel more satisfied dealing with chatbots (as a research has revealed)
  8. Hassle-free maintenance, lesser cost Human labour is really expensive and demanding. They require updated technology to function with and a regressive training regimen. Chatbots being savvy, save all those costs and time, and provide an easy to access experience to the customers.
  9. Seamless integration with existing software: Perfectly happy and comfortable with your current software and don’t wish to switch to another one? Chatbots provide provisions to be able to integrate with your existing software, ensuring the change to be a seamless one.
  10. Complete automation of repetitive tasks: The customer care jobs are like a loop. When one ends, a new one begins, trajectory being exactly the same! Why not configure this information into a software and use chatbots instead? The use of chatbots makes this process only more streamlined.

Why you shouldn’t even think before getting Surbo

Surbo is a one-stop destination for all your chatbot needs. With highly trained chatbots that automate the day-to-day conversations across different platforms, we believe in delivering performance and customer satisfaction. Surbo is a product of Value-First, a Twilio company. At Surbo, we have outdone not just the industry participants, but even ourselves and are proud to call ourselves one of a kind.

Now, apart from the mainstream provisions of the chatbots, Surbo strives to make lives of people easier. You should get Surbo right away:

  • All-in-one: Chatbots are tiny conversational pop-ups that look to solve customer doubts and queries. Surbo chatbots deal in commerce, contact service care and marketing.
  • Predictive: A customer would love to select products from their preferred lot. Surbo gauges this from past interactions, seeking customer satisfaction to predict current flow of interaction. This helps the bots make decisions in real-time to never let a consumer dissatisfied or hanging.
  • Seamless: Customers don’t need to adapt to the UI of the bot and can use their personal habits to interact, At Surbo, we integrate all modes of conversation which include texts, web, mobile, chat and social. We’re always looking for newer ways to add to this.
  • Linguistic ease: What if the customer doesn’t understand the language being used for the conversation? Keeping the diversity factor in mind, Surbo provides a variety of language options to cater to the personal ease of the users.
  • Empathetic: Surbo strives to facilitate a fulfilling conversational experience for customer satisfaction. It does so by interpreting tone, choice of words, voice, etc. and hands off to the customer care in case the customer seems unsatisfied or frustrated.