Case Study - Hotel Booking on WhatsApp

The client is a 15 years old B2B Travel Tech company based out in Bangalore, India. They automate “Business STAY & Expense Management” for their clients.

The client has deployed a bot over multiple channels to enable hotel bookings at ease. The bot can be used by MSMEs, Large Corporates and Large Travel Groups basis their use-case. The bot also helps on a unique loyalty program helping bookers collect mileage points across the hotels they stay at.

The is also available on WhatsApp. The service is deployed by Surbo.

The Chat flow is generic in order provide an actual human chatting experience. The booking process is small, simple & can be completed only under 5 steps by providing the following points of information:

1.  Location

2.  Budget

3.  CheckIn & Check Out date

4.  Typeof Room

5.  HotelSelection

Once the consumer has selected the hotel, team confirms with the hotels and provides the consumer with a payment link.