How do Chatbots influence the SEO of your Website?

Undoubtedly, chatbots enhance the customer service experience of enterprises. On the contrary, do they influence the SEO of the enterprise’s website? In this article, we will uncover the scenarios and pointers on how the chatbot influences the SEO of a website.

  • Offers Customized Experience to the Users – The chatbots offer customized experiences to the end-users through their various optimizes and automated features. Chatbots can carefully analyze the activity of the end-user on the enterprise website and app. They can provide the customized and personalized offers based on their activity. It will enhance the users shopping and browsing experience.
  • Promotes High Customer Retention Rate and Time on Page – For a high customer retention rate, the brand or the enterprise should focus on delivering and offering the related services on a customer-centric approach. The customer-centric approach involves providing high-quality customer services with quick one-time query resolution and customized help and offers to customers. It will enhance the website’s customer retention rate and encourage the customers to spend more time on the website.
  • Offers Low Bounce Rate – The chatbots offer quick query resolution, quality customer service with no or less wait time, and quality navigation help while navigating the app or website of the enterprise. It will promote a low bounce rate as people will be attracted to buy and explore more from the website that offers strong, quick chatsupport.
  • Enhances Brand Awareness and Promotion Through Quick Customer Service and Support – The chatbots enhance brand awareness and promotion techniques through quick customer service and support. An enterprise can store pre-defined templates to offer quick customer service and support for direct or FAQ based queries such as login related queries, new offer launches, recent product page links, account setting-based queries and more.
  • Enhances Mobile App Experience and Drives Better Engagement to Websites – Chatbots offer consumers a seamless experience while interacting and communicating regarding a query on an update. As maximum users prefer mobile apps, a seamless mobile-app experience via chatbot will drive better website engagement.

Chatbots are a sturdy tool to engross enterprise’s visitors, bring together valuable user data, and individualize their experience. Due to their real-time experience offering, if they appear in a context-specific and timely manner. The enterprises would achieve high engagement rates and visit rates from targeted audiences on their websites.