Surbo ACE (WhatsApp + Surbo + Live Agent)

WhatsApp has quickly grown to become one of the largest, if not one of the most popular messaging apps in the whole wide world. It has over 1.8 billion (and counting) users around the globe. A few years back, Facebook, another social media giant bought the messaging platform and transformed it.

The app is fast, reliable, simple, secure and convenient to connect with friends and family (WhatsApp) and to provide live support for enhanced customer experience for your business (WhatsApp Business API).

Progressive businesses are readily looking for new avenues to provide their customers with superior customer experience with enhanced service excellence at a nominal cost. WhatsApp Business API allows developers to do more than Live chat and Live Agent Support. Businesses can build new customer service experiences that —

– Relate to their brand

– Customize according to their users’ preference

– And extend their reach to people in even some inaccessible parts of the world resulting in more effective customer engagements.

Communicate more with your customers and understand their needs

While there is a lot of talk around ‘understanding what the customer wants’ and ‘prioritize your customers over everything’, little do businesses are actually able to achieve that thoroughly. WhatsApp Business API provides that range of interactive features and tools that enable this communication.

– Instant group formation and notifications

– Lively updates and statuses

– Engaging content through photos, videos, texts, location, documents, etc.

Additionally, businesses can communicate with their customers on WhatsApp through a plethora of other modes like WhatsApp Web, mobile phones, etc., by using the same API. So business updates can reach any customer at any part of the role in an instant.

Seamless Customer Experience through Live Agent Chat

In a marked difference, WhatsApp Business API allows for Live Agent Support that businesses all over the world are using to champion two-sided conversations.

One of the most important reasons to use WhatsApp Business Live Agent Support over other applications is that —

– Globally, the most numbers of users are comfortable using it

– It enables a two-way conversation that can quickly switch to Live Agent Support even when your customers might be interacting with a chatbot.

This not only brings down the query resolution time with faster solutions & effective solutions but customers also get a feel of human touch that doesn’t feel static.

The chat can be redirected to a live agent to ensure maximum support assistance at the very first level of customer support.

WhatsApp Business Live Agent Support also acts as a great tool for extended communication with security and privacy.

A lot has been going around in the world with data privacy laws and large media companies reading peoples’ personal messages so as to send them targeted ads.
If there’s’ one thing that WhatsApp has done well, ensure its’ customers end-to-end encryption. This allows for sensitive data like bank information, payment requests, consultations, etc. to be sent directly and securely over the platform.

Needless to say that, the growing reliance on apps has increasingly led businesses to think about the best tool for customer experience and WhatsApp Business API remains at the top. As these days, which app you choose can for seamless customer experience make or break your business identity and it’s important to rely on the best.

With ValueFirst, you can now deliver exceptional customer experience even when your teams are working remotely. This tool could really help you fight the lockdown out there. We bring to you this without any additional infra costs so that you can provide your customers with the same seamless experience as before. Reach out to us and we’d love to help you get started.