The Magic of WhatsApp Business solution in the Sports Industry

WhatsApp API is unravelling the scope of marketing, branding, and sales-related activities across different sectors. Amongst IT to banking, the sports industry has lately started witnessing the magic of WhatsApp business for various business solutions. In this write-up, we will cover the evolution of the WhatsApp business in the sports industry.

  • Sending customized reminders and alerts – The sports industry is not limited to selling sports products, marketing the sports brands, and promoting the products to leverage sales. Nowadays, the sports industry is spreading its wings by organizing various sports events, launching health and fitness-related webinars, and conducting health-related webinars for corporates. The WhatsApp business plays a vital role to curate a set of customized reminders and alerts as per the need of the sports industry offerings. Once the customized reminders and alerts are created, the sports industry uses the WhatsApp Business platform to shoot their customized reminders and alerts to the targeted audience. Let's check out some of the benefits of drafting and sending customized reminders and alerts to the customers:
    • Creating customized reminders and alerts will improve the engagement rate of the audience and will enhance the engagement rate of the sports industry's service.
    • Enhance the trust and faith of the customers in the business through friendly customized reminders to attend the webinars or start a health-related activity.
  • Using predefined message templates – The WhatsApp Business offers an opportunity to create predefined message templates for the customer support chat service. It saves the query-resolution time and chops down the open tickets rate by providing instant resolutions for generic queries or information-request queries. With the help of these predefined message templates, the sports industry can also create a series of scenarios to provide better customer support and smoother services to its customers.

  • Offering 24*7 chat support – The WhatsApp Business offers 24*7 chat support to the sports industry and related services and offerings. Managing multiple support requests or inquiry-related is one of the cumbersome tasks. Here, the WhatsApp Business acts as a saviour for businesses, specifically in the sports industry. The competition in the sports industry is quite high due to veteran sports brands and businesses available in the market. It demands 24*7 customer service or the support system to provide the desired support and service to its customers and prospects.

With the endless opportunities and offerings by WhatsApp Business, the sports industry is making full use of the same. The industry is adopting the WhatsApp Business offerings to skyrocket their sales and customer service section. - ValueFirst's