The Surbo Guide for your Business

Based on interaction with the customer, Surbo makes decisions in real-time and never let the user wait for the response. Collecting the users' data and analyzing it helps with the response rate and helps in increasing customer satisfaction.

Choosing a conversational solution can be tricky & needs a thorough understanding of what purpose it will solve & how will it engage more & more customers. Surbo is a solution from ValueFirst which is designed to fit into most of the business landscapes. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to consider while going for a chatbot solution & how you can use Surbo to create meaningful conversations.

Understand why you need Surbo: Before starting your journey with Surbo, you have to explore your business problem. The first step is to understand why you need Surbo in your business and how it will help solve your business problem.

Surbo helps brands automate their day-to-day conversations across platforms using trained chatbots. It provides one common platform for all the solutions on conversational commerce, contact center, and marketing. Its goal is to solve your specific problem of yours.

Goals setting and Surbo: Understanding the goal of the business is very important. So with the help of Surbo, fulfill your goals at once.

  • Provide your AI assistant some realistic objectives.
  • In the further stage, the objectives will decide the framework of the chatbot.

Frame the Surbo Story- Framing the story of your Chatbot is not an easy task.

  • Consider use cases where chat works best to solve a user query.
  • Think about your product around those use cases.
  • Study the use cases of your product and understand how the chat feature will work around those use cases.
  • Think about all the situations a user might face and raise a query.

With Surbo you can create an easy, understandable and straightforward framework. It is crucial to have a flowchart that can be easily understood. Do a little bit of research before jumping up to this task.

Things to remember…

The Chatbot Personality: The personality of the chatbot is very important. You have to find a balance between the human tone and the robotic nature of the chatbot. With the help of the Surbo you will be able to create a more human like platform and it will be helpful in engaging users time to time
According to your requirements, you can customize the Surbo with,

  • greetings for the target audience,
  • make the conversation formal and informal
  • add pictures, smileys, and videos to make it more engaging because we all know that the first impression is the last impression.

Surbo has a unique name, an added advantage for the brand; it helps the user remember the bot for a longer period. Because of the AI technology Surbo is capable to interpret the tone , voice of the user and on that basis transfers the call to a live agent.

Role of fallback messages: Don’t forget the chatbot still don’t understand some of the user queries, in that case, it is necessary to have an appropriate fallback message so that the user don’t get irritated. With Surbo, you can make the fallback message creative and avoid generic responses.
You can send the variations in a message when there is a constant error at the users end. These are some of the things that will prevent a user from getting annoyed, and Surbo will be able to recover the conversation in no time.

Almost ready…

Now that you have the framework of the chatbot, it is time to test the chatbot. At times, the creation might not work the way you wanted it to. So, testing the bot will help in verifying whether the chatbot works as planned or not.

Take the help of your teammates and check the flow of the story. While testing, write down the reviews, think of the random questions that a user may ask and work around the story you have created.

Surbo enables you to create and edit the chatbot story according to one’s requirements.

Integrate with right channel: Before choosing a communication channel, you must first decide which communication channel will be the most convenient for your users. Surbo gives its users a seamless experience. Surbo can be integrated across platforms like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, Line, telegram, MS teams, Skype, Slack, SMS, and many more.

For example, If your target audience mostly uses WhatsApp, you can use the WhatsApp chatbots, or if you want to integrate Surbo into various platforms, you can also do that.

Wrapping up…

Take the analysis: Surbo uses AI to learn from past experiences. The insights collected from the conversations help in making predictions. The insights from the feedback can be used to make edits in the working of the chatbot, it fills the informational gap with the user. Surbo provides you a good analysis of the collected data and you have to only fetch the report.

Based on interaction with the customer, Surbo makes decisions in real-time and never let the user wait for the response. Collecting the users' data and analyzing it helps with the response rate and helps in increasing customer satisfaction.